Sunday, 11 April 2021

Oxford Daily Photos - Rose Garden

Can you guess where this is?

The weather was a littler better today, so I went for a long walk around Oxford.  In front of the Botanical Garden is the Rose Garden.  The roses look awake, and some have new leaves, but it will be a while before we will see some blooms, I think.  Still, it is a nice area, and an excellent front cover for Magdalen College!

This is an interesting view - the front of these houses abut The High Street.  Hard to imagine there are such nice gardens behind those facades!

Christ Church looking lovely, some trees have come all over blossomy.

You see that tiny yellow speck in the middle of this huge lawn in front of Christ Church?  It is a dandelion!  I really admire that sort of  courage.

A bit closer up

Magnolia tree in full bloom near the workshop


Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Home Sweet Home - Tea Time in DB Hausen!

Tea Time indoors...

And in the garden ...

Tea in the garden is a more rustic affair, but can be very cozy, especially when birds and bees and frogs drop by.  Mainly birds right now, but one frog did turn up.

I utilised the few sunny days to do loads of laundry!  The bees kept trying to extract honey from my yellow towels, which I regret - but a bright sunny yellow is my favourite colour!

Mr Frog - I wish he would tell all his friends that mine is a welcoming garden full of insects and slugs!

Oxford Daily Photos - Christ Church Memorial Garden

The other day I went for a walk again.  I haven't been for a while - too darn cold!  But I really wanted to photograph the flower scheme currently brightening up the main entrance to Christ Church meadow - the Memorial Garden!

As usual this would look so much better in sunshine, but if I wait that long all the flowers will have wilted, so you will just have to make do, like the rest of us!

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Oxford Daily Photos - Daffodils


I didn't venture far today, it was very cold and windy, and I didn't want to catch anything. I had already spent an hour outside leafletting for the upcoming local election, so my inner core of warmth was sadly depleted by the time I went for a walk.

There was a long queue outside the local supermarket, so I couldn't buy the frozen cherries that are my current obsession, either - not a good day.

I did discover a shop that sells antiques and clothes and other odds and ends, and bought something I totally don't need.  I made phots, but someone haven't been able to upload them into this post - better luck tomorrow, hopefully!

The daffodils are beginning to come out!!!  Last year the council planted a ruinous amount of them, and hopefully lots of them will naturalise and bloom again.  Unless they all get dug up again - so wasteful!

They are flourishing in private gardens, too.

And on my new windowsill!!!  I rummaged the splashback from an ancient washstand from a neighbour's front yard (with permission!) and turned it into a windowsill in the parlour.  I am very pleased with it!

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Oxford Daily Photos - Train Station

The oxen is the symbol of Oxford - this one is opposite the train station

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I took a long walk to the train station and back, as an exercise.  Not so nice today, though!

Always on the look out for framing devices, I shot through the oxen's hind quarters - not very successful, but I do try!

And there it is - the train station.  Boring.

Oxford Business School is opposite - sometimes you can pick up free FTs there!

Lots of people Cycle & Ride

The Jam Factory - once the best antiques centre ever, now who knows what

Grand Hotel - not as nice as the Randolph, though

Business School, front view

Jam Factory again - they used to make Cooper's Oxford Marmalade there